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We are the source of the
energy of prosperity

Clean, affordable and guilt-free energy.

We are the pioneers of digital energy

100% clean energy ​

From nature straight to you. Clean, limitless and affordable energy that makes a difference for you and the world.

Costumer focus

In everything we do, customers come first. We offer a fluid experience with digital tools that simplifies day-to-day management.


Our passion for innovating drives us to develop and invest in clean technologies that transform your life and your business.

We resonate prosperity

We believe in the power of the collective and how clean energy can resonate positively across communities and stakeholder.

Network spirit​

Clean energy has no limits. It knows no boundaries.

We work to create an ecosystem that breathes prosperity, where every action seeks development. 

We believe in the interaction and potential of each person in leading the transformation.

Generating energy
for a new age

For more than 15 years, we have been blessed by nature’s generosity. The winds make our turbines turn, the sun powers our panels and the rivers keep our generators always running.

Our passion for innovation means going above and beyond to expand the supply of solar and wind energy and making it affordable for everyone – from large global companies seeking sustainable profitability, to families looking for guilt-free energy consumption, in line with society’s demand for sustainability.

The source of our energy

The combination of various wind farms in the best climatic regions of the Americas makes it possible to supply clean technology and growth to generate a more-sustainable reality for everyone.

We resonate prosperity with our customers

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