Welcome to an age of energy freedom.  

An age where consumers come to the fore. 

A new age, a new company.  

Serena arrives in the United States with a 15-year growth trajectory as a 100% sustainable energy pioneer. The company landed in Texas as a transformative force in the renewable energy market, with technology and successful investments, to bring clean and affordable energy to everyone.  

The company is dedicated to finding new, innovative ways for customers, stakeholders and communities to realize more prosperity through clean and sustainable energy. Serena is the source of the energy of prosperity for all.  

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The journey of Serena

What is Serena?

Nature gives Serena boundless access to clean energy. In return, the company makes its energy the fundamental source of prosperity because renewable energy allows everyone to live – and keep living – with endless energy. This is the mission of Serena: making sustainable energy a reality for all. 

With 15 years of history, Serena is a global company and the source of energy prosperity for all. A pioneer in renewable energy generation and a leader in wind and solar sources, Serena connects all customers with the best energy in both markets in which it operates, the United States and Brazil. The company is a reference for the high profitability of its investments, the development of clean technologies, new products and business models.  

The company is customer-centric and shares energy prosperity among its community of stakeholders. Also, Serena maintains a strong community spirit, leading and inspiring thousands through a commitment to transformation, promoting initiatives that generate value for all its stakeholders. 

Harnessing nature’s generosity 

Serena’s mission is to keep innovating to go above and beyond, expanding clean energy supply and bringing it within reach to everyone – from global enterprises that pursue sustainable profitability, to households that seek guilt-free energy consumption.  

The company has been nurtured by nature’s generosity. Wind spins its turbines and sun feeds the panels. So, nature shares its abundance of energy and Serena transforms it into prosperity for everyone. From nature’s bountifulness, a great network of growth and innovation is created, supplying clean energy to the equivalent of 4.8 million homes.  

Commercial operation in Texas 

Mechanical assembly phase of the Goodnight 1 Wind Farm.

Always investing in cleantech, Serena has an extensive track record of managing and developing assets with the best growth opportunities through clean and affordable technologies for large companies seeking sustainable growth.  

Serena is coming to Texas to solve problems, committed to communities through more flexible service and prosperity initiatives. The company begins commercial operations at the end of 2023 with the Goodnight 1 wind farm, located in Claude, Texas. It is in one of the best climates regions in the Americas, with the lowest risks and highest possible returns. 

How Serena will bring prosperity  

The International Energy Agency (IEA) explains that renewable energy is a key element in the energy transition and in the process of achieving the global goals set out in the Paris Agreement, this is why the global challenge is to increase the share of clean sources in the world’s energy matrix.  

Serena arrives in Texas with the mission of reducing energy costs and increasing the profitability of companies with clean and affordable energy. From big companies to small rural communities, Serena offers boundless clean energy that brings prosperity to businesses, customers and households. 

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