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Clean, limitless and affordable energy that makes a difference to you and to all.

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Boundless clean energy:

100% clean energy

Have a lower electricity bill with energy generated from sources through clean technologies. We take care of everything so you can take care of what matters.


We leads and inspires a community of stakeholder that seek & share prosperity for everyone – from big companies to small communities - including the environment.

Straight from the source

There’s no need to install solar panels or do any maintenance. We generate the energy that reaches you through our own assets.

Your way

Whether digitally or talking to one of our experts, we are pioneers in connecting you with the best energy - in a simple and integrated manner.

Serena creates energy for a new age

Serena creates energy for a new age

For over 15 years we’ve been nurtured by nature’s generosity. Wind spins our turbines; sun feeds our panels and streams keep our transformers always on.

Nature gives Serena boundless access to clean, renewable energy. In turn, Serena makes its energy the fundamental source of prosperity.

Because clean, 100% renewable energy allows us all to live – and keep living – with endless energy, with no guilt and no burden.


invested in renewable assets in the Americas


household equivalents served


EBITDA growth since 2017


of carbon emissions avoided per GWh produced

Our network of prosperity

From large companies to small communities, clean energy brings prosperity for your business, for your customers and for your life. Be a part of this network.

Serena Talks

Access content about the electricity sector, the free energy market, sustainability and news about Serena in the media.

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We are the source of energy for your prosperity, a producer of clean energy and the leader in wind and solar energy. We innovated by launching a digital platform that has transformed the way energy products are purchased in the country. Find out more about us. (link to who we are).

No! Serena produces the energy and delivers it to distributors. You or your company will not incur any costs associated with installing solar panels or having to operate and maintain energy production equipment.